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The series “Exhibition and the Act of Exhibiting“ approaches the contemporary art world’s ongoing debate on the role of the Curator. The series does not focus solely on the curator and his or her work, but attempts to present their role in light of its whole context and with regard to other actors in the field of art and media.

The events will both investigate the specific situation in Berlin – in its institutional and in informal exhibition practices – as well as the format of the exhibition and exhibition practice in general.

We are not only concerned with challenging different practices but also with attempting to articulate and establish exhibition and the exhibiting as a discourse. This discourse examines the role of different actors and parameters in relation to their function, social space and productivity. We would like to discuss and describe the terms of exhibiting: what ‘curating’ inside and outside of the museological framework can mean.

On one hand, this series would like to consider basic processes and premises of the exhibition as “cultural technique” and not to present it through concrete projects. On the other hand, strategies for regulating this emerging discourse will be analyzed by relating it to other fields, establishing specific forms of legitimization.

“ Exhibition and the Act of Exhibiting“ is created as a forum aimed at all those who are interested in the exhibition as a form of knowledge production and who are seeking a long-term dialogue.

A series by Ellen Blumenstein and Felix Vogel

#6 – Exhibiting and the Exhibition
Ellen Blumenstein and Felix Vogel host a conversation with Ralf Beil, Director of Mathildenhöhe Institute, Darmstadt. 04.06.2013 at 7 pm

Kunst-Werke Studiolo (front house, first floor), 3 Euros.