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Mission Statement

SALON POPULAIRE is a meeting point in Berlin, inviting anyone interested in the arts and its reflection. It participates in Berlin’s cultural and political reality, addressing its local context as much as issues of universal concern with space for anachronistic, indulgent, academic, individual engagement.

SALON POPULAIRE is a social space, which takes up on the history of the salon and actualizes it according to its organizers’ and audience’s needs. It is a political space in the sense that it intends to interrupt assured knowledge and create a space of possibility and exposure.

SALON POPULAIRE positions itself at the intersection between exhibition space and academic research, aiming to explore potential forms of joint knowledge production and to seek a third (neither institutional nor academic) way of exchanging ideas. Art in all its genres is always the starting point, the intermediary for guests, organizers and audiences for entering, though with no secure outcome.

SALON POPULAIRE is a project by (Ellen Blumenstein, with Fiona Geuß, Ulrike Bernard and Bryndis Bjornsdottir); space concept by raumlaborberlin (Markus Bader).